BodyAwake® Yoga

BodyAwake® Yoga infuses The Energy Codes® principles and practices with ancient yogic philosophy, creating a powerful practice that helps to dissolve the illusion of the protective personality and allow for the true expression of the essential self to shine through.

Using conscious embodiment practices, breathwork and meditation, BodyAwake® Yoga helps students learn to tap into the energetic fields of their bodies while performing traditional yoga asanas and techniques.

During a traditional yoga practice, sacred geometry is created in the body by performing various asanas or physical postures. The asanas align the physical body with the natural energies of the Universe, creating a flow that allows for improved physical, mental, and emotional healing.

When The Energy Codes® embodiment practices and techniques are paired with this traditional yoga practice, it results in a powerful and transformative journey of conscious integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Christy teaches a class in her hometown of Tipton, Indiana every Tuesday at 8:30am.; feel free to attend. You can also contact her for private or group yoga sessions.

According to Dr. Sue Morter, “All yoga is good yoga, however pairing intentional breathwork with yoga generates a more profound practice that enhances the benefits of the physical practice tremendously by bridging the gap between consciousness, mindfulness, meditation, breath work, movement, and true embodiment. It’s not just about learning the asana – but rather learning to become the energy that flows through the physical body, thereby using yoga to awaken to the true and essential self. A regular practice provides essential support for that awakening, and is the inspiration behind why I created the BodyAwake® Yoga.”

Dr. Sue Morter. (2022). BodyAwake® School of Yoga and Teacher Certification.

Christy teaches yoga classes in her hometown of Tipton, Indiana.

You can also contact Christy for private or group yoga sessions as well as Sound Healing Sessions.

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