Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning, also known as “sound balancing,” uses tuning forks that are a specific hertz frequency to help heal the biofield. The “biofield” is described as the field of information and energy that surrounds the human body. It is composed of measurable electromagnetic energy and subtle energy. This subtle energy is commonly known as chi. Some people can see or feel this energy field that is also referred to as the body’s aura or “human energy field”.

“Biofield Tuning founder, Eileen Day McKusick’s research has shown that all of our life experiences appear to be stored magnetically in standing waves within this medium. The biofield is then compartmentalized, with the record of different emotional experiences being stored in different, stratified locations within the field. Additionally, it is time lined, with information at the outer edge of the field relating to gestation, birth, and earliest childhood and information close to the body being recent or current. All other years fall in between like the rings of a tree.

Different emotions produce different frequency signatures. These are reflected in the overtones (or harmonics) of the vibrating fork. For example, fear has a very distinct pulsing quality to it. Other emotions, such as guilt, grief, and anger, all have their own unique signatures and their own unique locations in the biofield.

Periods of stress or difficulty can be located in the biofield by passing a tuning fork slowly through this subtle energy field. These experiences show up as distortions or “noise” and resistance in the signal which can be perceived by both the practitioner and the person receiving a session. Depending on where within the biofield anatomy these distortions present, the approximate age and emotional tone of the experience can be determined by referring to the map.

Being able to identify the “source point” of the stressor in the field and neutralize it gently with sound has, in clinical practice, produced predictable, repeatable and consistent outcomes of symptom reduction and even elimination, sometimes in just one session.

Using the Biofield Anatomy Map the Biofield Tuning process is designed to locate, harmonize, and release areas of noise and resistance in the body’s electrical system, making it possible for the individual to activate previously inaccessible potential and move forward with a more empowered and balanced perspective.”

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