Christy J. Conaway, PhD established Just Breathe…a path to wellness! to assist clients in achieving a heightened state of health and well-being. Christy has always been passionate about holistic health and healing. Additionally, she has always been intrigued by quantum physics and the vast energy realm, and she wished to enhance her knowledge to benefit herself, her family, and others. This led her to embark on a journey of learning and personal growth. Christy’s journey of learning and personal growth has equipped her with the knowledge and training to effectively support others on their paths to wellness.



Crystal Therapy

Bio-Well Scanning

Biofield Tuning



“I have noticed a difference in my attitude and emotions (for the better) after working with Christy. Christy takes time to listen to me; I have been able to stop my therapy sessions and just focus on energy healing sessions with Christy.”

Don S.

“My sessions with Christy (Just Breathe) have given me direction, peacefulness, and overall well-being both mentally and physically. Years of main stream therapy and medicine have never come close to the progress I’m experiencing working with Christy. She has a wonderful open nature and truly cares about her clients.”


“Christy is a very kind and compassionate Holistic Health Practitioner. She is extremely knowledgeable in many modalities of energy healing for the mind and body, including B.E.S.T, energy field tuning/sound therapy, crystal therapy, Reiki healing, and yoga. It is obvious that she has a passion for energy healing and does it in a very caring manner. Her office is warm and inviting. I highly recommend contacting Christy Conaway to start your wellness journey today!”

Dr. Charee, DDS, MSD

“Christy has been amazing to work with. I was tired of using allopathic medicine to treat my conditions with not much luck. Christy really listens to my needs and she uses several different healing modalities. She listens to my body and selects different modalities each time. I love the fact she utilized Reiki in all her sessions. I have really enjoyed the customized structured water she creates for me. I can taste a difference each time. My body craves it – I wish I could drink it everyday!”


“My son (10) started having anxiety that was causing him a lot of distress. We took him to see Christy, because we wanted to try a natural approach before we even considered any medication. He started going twice a week and after each session he always said how much better he felt. She used different healing modalities to help him overcome his anxiety.

He loved his sessions as Christy has such positive energy and a calming sense about her. My son felt so comfortable with her. Christy gave him crystals that he carried each day that seemed to really make a difference in his mood and anxiety. My son continued sessions for about 2 months and showed extreme improvement! It’s a night a day difference.”


“Christy is amazing! After receiving my first session, I left feeling a complete sense of clarity (which was my intention for the session)! Christy individualized the session to meet the needs of my body as a whole. She is thorough in her approach and practices with so much kindness and love. I am now trusting her with the care of my 10 year old son, who feels so at ease in her care. I highly recommend Christy for her expertise, but also for the experience of just being in her presence.”


“Can’t say enough about how amazingly gifted her healing abilities are. With her vast knowledge of different healing modalities she has managed to help me. She’s very open-hearted and a very genuine person.”

Cindy R.

“Christy brings an energy to her work that is full of peace, light, love and a passion for helping people.”

Brent M.
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